Somehow you managed to land on my website.

Since you didn't tell me what you're searching for, I'll just tell you some things hoping you'll be interested in them.

I'm a Computer Science student at RWTH University Aachen, Germany. Apart from that I write software, mainly server-software. I prefer working with Kotlin and Rust, but I can also use any other static compiled programming language.

And keep in mind - I am a software developer. Not a designer. That's a huge difference. As you'd have noticed, my website isn't the pretiest. If that's important to you, then you're on the wrong site.

There isn't too much hosted on this server at the moment - but that can change at any time in the future. Right now there is this nginx-server plus a Matrix-server. If you've never heard of Matrix before you should definitely check it out. The idea behind Matrix is providing a decentralised instant messaging server that is capable of integrating chats from other messenger providers like Telegram. To get access to my matrix server, you have to contact me personally.

If you want to know more about me as a developer, please take a look at my GitLab and/or my GitHub profile.